Smink Studio is the studio of designer Marianne Smink. She loves everything that is handmade and imperfect and has a background in print design Smink Tiles are made with traditional processes, combined with beautiful color combinations and bold patterns. Imperfection is key, each tile is

slightly different. At Smink Studio we like to work on special and one-off projects. All designs in our basic collection can be coloured again in one of the colours from our palette. We make all customised tiles to order. We also offer a full Design Service for all special and one-off projects.


Portugal’s beautiful interior is where our tile factory is located. This is where highly skilled crafts men and women produce our tiles. Their experienced hand work and endless knowledge of ceramics and glazes results every time in a beautiful and unique tile.

The tools

Moulds creating the tiles

Rough clay

The rough chunks of clay placed on the mould

Firing in the kiln

Tiles come out of the kiln after being fired

Screen printing

Each tile is screen printed individually


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