Kitchen backsplash

Like most projects, the idea for this backsplash began with an image of our tiles seen online. Originally the client was interested in a mixture of blues and taupe glazes, but after seeing colour samples and layout designs, they moved towards this palette of muted, natural colours. Sending colour samples is an integral part of how we work. We believe that you need to see the handmade tiles and screen printed glazes in the place where they will be installed in order to know what works best for you. The tiles are from our Eclipse range, E4 and E5, mixed in with some all over screen printed tiles and some solid white tiles.

Tiles E4, E5 from our Eclipse range

Colours 407 (black), 104 and 403

… which gives the design room to breathe.

Layout design

Tile design layout and colour proposals for the backsplash

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