Bar Harta, Grayson Hotel, NYC

Bar Harta in New York’s Grayson Hotel has over 900 sq. ft. of double screen-printed Smink Studio Quarter Circle tiles. The handmade, deep blue tiles adorn the walls of this basserie with al fresco wine terrace and contribute to the atmosphere of luxurious, informal hospitality.

The Grayson Hotel is located in the midst of the Manhattan skyline and the view from Bar Harta’s wine terrace is pure New York. The blues of the sky and greys of the city are echoed in this tile installation.

The layout design is a randomised collection of Quarter Circle tiles where circles almost form and then fall apart while colours group together and then separate in a parallel design dynamic. The informal pattern and rhythm of the tiles match the laid-back, comfortable atmosphere of the Bar Harta, which was designed by Dutch East Design.

The tiles are glazed and screen-printed in colours 005, 101, 410, 501, 502 on the back of each tile, adding extra texture and depth. The more uneven back-of-tile surface allows the screen print colours to ‘pool’ and collect in ways that make every tile unique and yet still work beautifully together with each other. Photography by @lizclayman

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