Wainscotting, also known as panelling, is a covering that protects and decorates a wall up to around 100cm / 40″. In the past wainscotting covered drafts, hid damaged paintwork and added a certain elegance to a room – time, perhaps, for a rebirth of this design trend. Wainscoting’s protective function means that it is most useful in the hallway but as it is also decorative, there’s no reason it can’t be used in other rooms, too. At the start of this project, our client was clear on the design that they wanted and we were happy to help them realise this geometric, caramel look.

A combination of Quarter Circle and Squared designs…

screen printed in colours 007 (light orange), 008 (ginger) and 408 (light grey)…

The layout design and colour proposals for the entire wall

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